10646691_10153131348149692_3328291891405002424_nEdinburgh-based artist, writer, drummer, and a performer of acrobalance, character work and fire spinning. Answers to most things but usually goes by the name of Esje.

I’ve been performing with the Beltane Fire Society since 2009, specialising in drumming and fire hoop. Outside of that I’ve performed or exhibited with:

Cachin Cachan Cachunga –  exhibited with this Edinburgh based, indie, queer & trans intersectional arts company. Creating accessible art, events & talks by & for our communities in Scotland

Beastie X – a professional drum crew spanning 14-24 people for three years performing at events and festivals including the Bahrain Grand Prix, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Audio Soup, Kelburn Garden Party, Beltane Fire Festival, The Bongo Club, Bannerman’s Bar, Studio 24s, The Caves, the Loony Dook, and private events;

Winter Fire – co-coordinated a fire performance and fire-tech group originating for Samhuinn Fire Festival and continuing for performances in Edinburgh throughout the year;

Hareem – an Edinburgh city club-entertainment character and acrobalance performance troop providing circulating audience interaction and performance work at club nights such as Balkanarama and Confusion is Sex.

Outside of performance, I’m a part-time postgraduate philosopher and social theorist   . Most recently I’ve been involved with Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Feminist Futures research group, All or Nothing Aerial, and Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Basically, I do a lot of things to avoid working on my PhD.